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Sintered Stone Vs Marble Stone

Most of Interior Designers and Architects has a similarity when it comes to the value of selecting the proper hard surface for a given projects. There are some materials from which to choose when it comes to Marble Dining Table or Sintered Stone Dining Table, or any Table dinning’s furniture, side and center tables. In this study, we will make a comparison between the natural stone called marble and the product that is commonly referred to as a sintered stone.


Sintered stone are new on the scene, quickly becoming a hit with designers and homeowners alike. Sintered stone is the process of fusing materials into a solid piece through intense heat. It utilizes raw materials like minerals and stone particles in porcelain and granite, compacting them through heat, compression, and vibrations. Stone products that are used for everything like our Dining Tables and Side Tables that can be made from sintered stone.

Sintered stone designers dining tables are growing in popularity against traditional options, like granite and quartz-topped tables. Making them an aesthetically pleasing option for several homes. Sintered stone is additionally often used to oval dining tables, round dining tables, and all Designers’ Tables or Furniture.


Marble is composed of calcite (or calcium carbonate) it could be a material that's desirable for very specific uses. The elegant look of this natural stone has made it a far sought-after stone several projects. One of the most common places marble may be used for 8- seater table, 6-seater table or 10-seater table and some of the Dining's table. Why is marble so desirable for tables? Consider some of a reason.

One of the reasons marbles is so desirable is that it is very shiny if it is polished. Another appealing visual trait is marble's veining (although the purest marble is virtually all white). These visual characteristics make marble one of the 'elite' stones used in architecture.

One process of that might be made between marble and sintered stone is that the stain resistance of sintered stone is higher while the marble is Low. As mentioned earlier, marble is consisting of calcite. This mineral is dissolved easily by acidic substances. In fact, even normal household liquids like juice and vinegar will dissolve calcite.  Another difference between sintered stone and marble is that marble is far softer which is easily scratched. For this reason, some designers like better to use a harder material especially if the surface is to be used in the Dining room.

For all the seeming advantages of sintered stone over natural marble, one might wonder why marble is preferred for making a Dining table set. The natural beauty about marble is distinct and stylish, it is truly uncommon material. In fact, manufactured products are designed to imitate this wondrous stone. Sintered stone producers also try to capture the majestic appearance of marble in their products.

In the end, whether you choose natural marble or sintered stone for your Dining furniture  or any Table Set, or other hard surface is really dependent on what is important to our client The characteristics of those materials vary but the designs they're used in usually involve the attributes they need to offer.

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