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Modern Interior Design | What is Modern Design?



Types of modern furnitures that can be used for lounge and dining area:

a. Tonia Coffee Table -

b. Salute Side Table

c. Eliza Lounge Chair

d. Adagio Sofa 

e. Momin Dining Table

f. Orion Pendant Light 

g. Mad Joker Swivel Chair


Modern design is an interior design style characterized by  monochromatic color palette, utilization of clean lines and focus on minimalism, and proper utilization of modern lighting

  1.  Minimalism with open floor plan: Modern homes are constructed with clean, straight lines. Using modern furniture instead of walls to differentiate between the spaces of an open plan home. For example, a sectional sofa can bring definition to an open living room.
    modern interior
  2.  Neutral colors: Modern style utlizes a monochromatic, neutral color palette like white, beige, gray, black, and pastel tones.
    modern interior
  3.  Low and long furniture: Modern look utilizes long furniture pieces situated low to the ground. It is usually made from natural materials like  wood , metal, or natural stonesLeather and fabric upholstery,  chrome and steel are also popular finishes for modern furniture.
    modern interior
  4. Proper Use Modern Architectural Lights: Proper lighting design improves the ambience of the modern interior. It brings out the proper focus/highlights on the desired areas and gives better color rendering on the furnitures. 

    The true charm of a Modern Home is all in the details - the art, the furniture,the personal touches - which means it is a true reflection of you.